Днепропетровский стрелочный завод, 49098, Украина, г. Днепропетровск, ул. Любарского, 181

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A national leader in design and manufacture of products for the State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine - Ukrzaliznytsja, a major supplier of switch and crossing products to the CIS countries, near and far abroad


Management of PJSC "DnSZ" approaches in a complex to the quality management system analysis assumes responsibility before partners and clients for high rates of products. In structure of plant work three divisions, which provide the organization of quality control of products. These are - departments of quality management, technical control and the central factory laboratory. The laboratory is accredited by National Agency of Accreditation of Ukraine on compliance of DSTU ISO/IEC 17025:2006 "The general requirements to competence of test and calibration laboratories".
Quality management system is implemented and works in the plant. It includes business-processes of entrance control, quality of preproduction, stage-by-stage control, quality of development of technological documentation, control quality of finished goods, qualities of the personnel training, equipment repair, etc. QMS of plant is confirmed with two certificates:
- on compliance of  DSTU ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008, IDT) in system of certification of UKRSEPRO, given by DOSZhT;
- on compliance to requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008, given by Tuv Nord - Ukraine.
These certificates confirm existence at the enterprise, controlled conditions for product goods of such quality, that the customer was satisfied with the purchased goods.

Production of plant is certified:
- in system of certification of UKRSEPRO, certificates are issued to DOSZhT;
- in the certification Register on Federal railway transport Ministries of Railways of the Russian Federation.
Annually the enterprise confirms compliance of products to certificates.

The finished goods are subject to control, which is at plant and takes direct part in development and deployment of actions directed on further improvement of product quality and development of its new types.
Design department works at the plant to maximum meet customer demands, including individual. His specialists develop new designs elements of permanent way, and also the serial products are modernized with application of details that passed statement on production in new projects.
Leading engineer of design department is carried out architectural supervision of production, which is in trial operation for receiving reliable information about work product and timely decision-making by results of supervision.

Днепропетровский стрелочный завод, 49098, Украина, г. Днепропетровск, ул. Любарского, 181

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