European design tram turnout


European design tram turnout

The presentation, preliminary (in-house) and the 1st stage of acceptance testing of the tram turnout type T62, radius 50m with flexible tongues for the gauge 1524mm, project Dn 860.00.000-04 with the electrohydraulic drive made by “Elektroline” (Czech Republic) took place at the testing area of JSC “Dnepropetrovsk Switch Plant” on November 12, 2020.

The following specialists were a part of the acceptance commission: Deputy Dierctor on municipal transport of GE “Research and design institute of the municipal services”, Kiev, Leonid Zbarsky, Head of Polish office of “Elektroline” Tomash Hoffman, Head of construction department of “Dneprovsky electrotransport” Igor Pogorelov, Chief engineer of “Dneprovsky electrotransport” Nikolay Laniuk, Chief engineer of “Lvovelectrotrans” Vladimir Kovaliv, Chief engineer of the track service of “Kharkovelectroctrans” Yurii Kushnir, Head of permanent way division “Speed Tram” Krivoy Rog” Victor Grischenko, Deputy director on construction of “Speed Tram” Krivoy Rog” Igor Oficerov, Chief engineer of “Odessaelectrotrans” Aleksandr Katashinsky, head of the track service of “Odessaelectrotrans” Vasiliy Lisovoy, Deputy head of track service “Zaporozhelectrotrans” Yurii Fenchenko, Director Vladimir Kolshko and Deputy director Aleksandr Guk of the representative of “Electroline” in Ukraine - “Valvo” LLC.

The tram turnout under the project Dn 860 has been designed in accordance with norms and requirements of Ukrainian and foreign customers and intended for the installation into the tram lines, including high-speed areas. The turnout may be supplied in two options – with or without the set of baseplates, depending on the fastening type system applied at the area of installation. The different projects designed for the gauge 1000mm and 1435mm.

The difference of this turnout from the standard ones:

  • the switch with two flexible tongues implemented, what significantly increases the traffic safety. The switch case and crossing are casted from steel 110Г13Л with welded legs to provide the possibility of easily weld-in the turnout into the jointless track.
  • the switch heating system from “Elektroline” applied to provide stable working during winter period.
  • the electrohydraulic drive from “Elektroline” type TSH 1524mm is used for moving tongues. This drive is designed for automatic and manual (in case of necessity) moving the tongues in the desired position. The design guarantees the high traffic safety, reliability, noise reduction, ecological cleanness and long operational term with minimal service requirements.
  • to control the electrohydraulic drive the switch control and signaling equipment about the tongues position and turnout area occupation from “Elektroline” are applied. This control system allows to connect to the general control system and to the tongues position control system via GPRS.

 Advantages: increasing the speed, no joints in the tongue heel, possibility of welding-in into the jointless track, noise minimization, increasing of safety, heating system for stable working in the low temperatures, increased usability.

 The tests were successful. All participants highly assessed the innovation solutions and quality of the turnout, and were looking forward to seeing the new turnouts in the exploitation.


Electrohydraulic drive from «Elektroline»