Exhibition InnoTrans 2018

JSC "DnSZ" was honored to present its products at InnoTrans 2018. Moreover, it was a great pleasure to meet our long-term customers and get in contact with the new ones. The following products were displayed: solid manganese frog in accordance with EN15689 with four welded rail extensions and part of the end of switch point 60Е1А1 that made with canting of the pressed part 1:20.                    


News from the youth council of the plant

CULTURAL HOLIDAYS IN UKRAINE'S FABULOUS AREA The guys of the plant, who had a rest in the Sofiyivka park in Uman on the weekend of October 12-13, 2018, thank the management and the trade union committee of the plant for a well-organized trip, which brought the most positive emotions and vivid impressions. The tour was informative and very interesting thanks to experienced guides.                        THANK YOU NATIVE PLANT! The team of the machine shop thanks the administration and the trade union committee of the plant for the organized trip on October 12-13, 2018. in the park Sofiyivka, Uman. The tour was interesting, informative. After viewing the park had lunch in a restaurant. We spent the weekend with flying colors. We are grateful to you for that.  


News from the stand of product layouts

Taking into account the need of the market for the production of mine switches and a custom-made manganese mining and processing plant, a switch of type P24 of the 1/2 gauge  600 mm. Dn 944 which was previously manufactured by enterprises of Donetsk region. Switch transfer Type P24 ,mark ½  gauge 600mm on metal plates    The switch transfer is designed to provide rolling stock from one track to another in underground workings, in pithead buildings and on the surface of the mines, where mine trains are operated. The switch transfer is placed on metal plates with subsequent welding of special terminals to these plates. Design features: - one-piece manganese steel cross-piece; - rail counter rail of P24 without exceeding from the tread surface; - pads in the transfer zone; - rotary wits from the rail P24; - base - metal plates; - manual transfer mechanism.   Main technical specifications Type Р24 Mark of the cross                                    1/2 Track width, mm                                     600 Translation length full, mm                 3170±4 Radius of conversion curve, mm           4000 Counter rail                                            from rails P24 Maximum static load on the rail from the axis of the rolling stock, KH     70 Maximum speed, km / h   - on a straight path 9 - along the side path 6 Weight, kg, not more                                  548     Contents of delivery Frame rail straight with a sharp-witted curve and a counter rail of the type Р24 type 1/2                    1 Frame rail curve with a sharp point and a counter rail type Р24 type 1/2                                              1 Crosspiece type P24 brand 1/2                              1 Rail length mm: - 796                                                                           1 - 891                                                                            1   Butt plates, pcs.                                                       2 Plates, welding terminals, Compl.                         1 Fasteners, set                                                           1 Parts supplied by separate customer request Mechanism of manual translated                        1 Butt Cover                                                              10 Metal plates (base)                                                 2 Bolt M20x105 (Dnp 6-02) or GOST 7805 24 Nut M20.5 GOST 15526 24 Washer 20 65G GOST 6402                                24 Washer 20 GOST 11371                                      24       Allowed any configuration options according to customer needs, designed in the prescribed manner.  


Rail Exhibition Rail Expo 2017

On October 24-25, representatives of PAO «DnSZ»   took part in the first Ukrainian specialized railway exhibition Rail Expo 2017, where they presented their products, held meetings with partners and potential customers. The exhibition was attended by more than 400 companies from 26 countries, and also visited Anatoliy Girshfeld, executive director of the National Commission for Industrial Policy at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Viktor Galasyuk, head of the Supreme Council of Ukraine on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, Viktor Dovgan, deputy of Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine.