Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the plant

On September 30, 2016, the celebration of the 100th anniversary of PAO  "DNEPROPETROVSK SWITCH PLANT" took place. Anniversary video about the plant   Also this event was marked by 3 channels: Channel 11 Channel 34 Channel 51


Certificate of PAO "Dnepropetrovsk Switch Plant"

     In 2016, Dnepropetrovsk Arrow Plant Public Joint-Stock Company is a national leader in the development, production and supply of arrow products for Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ), one of the leading enterprises among manufacturers of switches in the CIS countries, celebrates its 100th anniversary.      The origins of the plant’s work biography go back to 1916, the difficult, tense times of the First World War, a bloody and destructive civil war, when the Dnepropetrovsk switch plant was founded on the basis of the switch workshop of the Catherine Railway Road service.      As history has shown, the very fact of the birth of an enterprise in such a tense environment probably predetermined in many ways the traditions of the workforce for generations to come: live a tense working life, respond to challenges with dignity, confidently seek victory in all endeavors. Always meet the requirements of time, be able to build, recover, modernize, develop, work and win in any created socio - economic conditions.      At all stages of national history - in the years of socialist industrialization, during the Great Patriotic War, being evacuated, in the years of post-war reconstruction and the further development of the national economy of the USSR, the plant’s work team flawlessly carried out the tasks for the production of switches. In the conditions of crises, - after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world crisis that hit Ukraine in 2008, the workforce showed resilience and endurance, as a result, the plant emerged from even more critical situations.      Dnepropetrovsk switch plant today is a modern enterprise of the European level.      The industrial complex of the plant consists of two productions - steel-smelting and switch-making, which provide a full cycle of manufacturing switch production. The production capacity of the enterprise is 10,000-12,000 units of switches provided per year, depending on the complexity of the design, 7,200 tons of high-manganese and 7,000 tons of useful carbon casting per year.      The plant produces superstructures: railroad switches (ordinary, symmetrical, curvilinear, double cross-over), blind intersections of various grades from the P50, P65 type rails, European rail types UIC 60 and 49E1 for laying on a track 750 mm, 900 mm wide, 1,435 mm, 1,520 mm and 1,524 mm, shoe spreaders, leveling devices, as well as a rail lock and span bridges for railway bridges, turnouts for tramways, and high manganese and carbon steel foundry products.      The switchboard products are intended for main, receiving and slit tracks, access roads for industrial enterprises, mining and processing plants, coal mining mines, enterprises of the energy complex, river and sea ports, urban light rail transport, metros, as well as for tram tracks.      From high-manganic steel grade 110G13L (Hadfield steel), according to the technology of cold-hardening mixtures (HTS), factory steelmakers produce castings of monoblocks of crosses and cores for turnouts, as well as replacement equipment for the mining industry.      The carbon steel using the technology of sandy-clay mixtures (CBC) cast components turnouts for their own needs, as well as elements of the upper structure of the track for the needs of Ukraine’s railways.      Taking a practical part in the state Sectoral Program of UZ on modernizing Ukrainian railways, introducing a seamless track for safe, comfortable, accelerated and high-speed passenger trains, the UZ developed the design and development department on the initiative of the plant’s general director, and introduced a new generation of turnouts in the way - safe, wear-resistant, with a throughput in the range from 140 to 200 m / h, transfers with a continuous skiing surface (NPC), designed to weld in the seamless way.      Among the most significant developments are: curvilinear switch-type translation of the project D28 2889 of type R65 of brand 1/11, first mastered in Ukraine in 2003; successfully operated since 2004 by the railways of Ukraine and Belarus, a railroad switch of type P65 of mark 1/18 of the project Dn 365; successfully operated on the international mainline since 2005, a high-grade turnout switch of the project Dn 400 of type R65 of grade 1/11; the first turnout made in Ukraine from the European type UIC 60 rail of brand 1/11 of the project Dn 410 (2005); the first in Ukraine switchboard of the project Dn 060 of type P65 of brand 1/18 with the speed potential of passing a train at a speed of up to 200 km / h (2007); the switch of the first class of the project Dn 345 of the type P65 of the mark 1/11, (2008), which is in the greatest demand among the railways of Ukraine;  switch transfer of type Р65, mark 1/14, project Dn 600, in the construction of which, for the first time in the practice of the Ukrainian railways, design solutions used on European railways (2010) were used.      By implementing in the design of these translations frog with welded rail ends, crosses the curved tread oblique hole for the core cross-continuous tread with rotary and gibkopovorotnym core monobloc frog with unstressed profile rolling surface cast wing rails with welded rail ends, elastic bonding , flexible tangential wags, switch and cross headset with external locking devices, lining with high flanges, making casting, welding and extrusion of flanges, independent counter rail from the counter rail corner, elastic fastening of rail parts with a flat PU terminal in the frame rail node and a rail rail node, high strength insulation, rail elements in the switchboard of the product, the product of the product, rail products in the switches, arrow products of the product, in the production of rail products, switches, switch products of a product high capacity, wear resistance.      Thus, the plant began to specialize in the development, design, manufacture and sale of dial products for accelerated and high-speed traffic.     The experience of practical manufacturing of modern turnouts for high-speed highways using modern equipment is successfully applied by plant specialists when fulfilling orders for the development and manufacture of switch products for railway companies from foreign countries, industrial enterprises and subways, the difficulty in manufacturing of which lies in individual peculiarities these products.      The manufacture of competitive switch products for high-speed highways at the level of European and world standards requires systematic comprehensive modernization of production, replacement of outdated equipment with modern, introduction of new technologies. With the arrival at the enterprise of a new team of managers, starting in 2003, every year, if there are financial and economic opportunities, at least UAH 30 million is spent on the modernization of production. own funds.      As a result, for the first time among the switch plants of the CIS countries, the mechanical processing of the main parts of switches for the main highways - a moving core, cross surfaces, including curved surfaces, are performed using a special technology at the modern machining center Waldrich Siegen (Germany). For the first time, with the use of a longitudinal milling portal machine, the planning operation of rail parts was replaced by milling, as a result of which the quality of surface treatment was greatly improved, and the wear resistance of switches on the way was improved. High quality of machined surfaces from high-strength steel grades is ensured with the use of special profile mills with carbide inserts made in Europe. Since 2012, mainly at the same center, equipped with a new Siemens control system, interchangeable equipment for the mining industry is being processed.      In the process of creating a continuous path, it was necessary to develop and manufacture new translations adapted for welding to the road, which, in turn, necessitated the introduction of new technologies and equipment for welding carbon steel rail ends to high-manganese steel crosses. To address this issue, factory specialists in collaboration with scientists from the Institute of Electric Welding them. O.E. Paton developed a new technology of welding with the use of a special insert made of stainless steel between the ends of the switch and the rail endings. In addition, for welding using a new technology, a domestic K-924 butt-welding machine was manufactured. In order to obtain a stainless insert for the production of crosses, a section of the chill casting was put into operation.       To improve the quality of machining parts, increase labor productivity, improve the accuracy of parameters, the plant mechanically processes the modernization of the machining machines with CNC and numerical display.      In April 2012, the launch of the IMF mechanized molding line, made by a world-famous company, started the production of high-manganese steel grade 110G13L (Hadfield steel) using cold-hardening mixtures (HTS) technology. For the first time, among the switchboard factories of the CIS countries, in Dnepropetrovsk, production of monoblock crossings and cores for turnouts using XTC technology was started. The new equipment allowed to significantly increase production volumes, to produce castings of molds from three to five meters long with the quality of the surface of the European class.      To straighten castings before machining the parts, a modern European-made dual-port hydraulic press was purchased, which performs this operation according to the geometrical parameters of the given drawing.      In order to reduce the cost of products and obtain the optimal price, for eleven years a set of energy saving measures was taken at the plant. With the use of modern European equipment, advanced energy-saving technologies have been introduced. The heating and hot water supply systems are completely decentralized, autonomous compressor stations and life support systems have been put into operation in the workshops. Thermal furnaces are capitally repaired and modernized. As a result, it was possible to significantly reduce the consumption of electricity, natural gas, to bring the energy intensity of production to the optimum level.      The quality of manufactured products is monitored by the technical control department and the testing laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine for compliance with ISO / IEC 17025: 2006 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”. The chemical composition of steels produced at all stages of smelting is controlled by a spectral method using the SPECTROLAB instrument.      The products of the plant are certified in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Specifications in the certification system of UkrSEPRO and the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR TS 003/2011 “On the security of railway transport infrastructure”. In February 2015, the plant received a certificate of conformity of the manufactured switch products to European standards, issued by the Track Institute, Warsaw, Poland. The plant was the first to receive this certificate among the enterprises of transport engineering in the CIS. Finished products are also monitored by the Permanent Representative of PJSC "Ukrzalіznitsya".      The plant has implemented and operates a Quality Management System, confirmed by two certificates: for compliance with ISO 9001: 2009 (ISO 9001: 2008, IDT) in the UkrSEPRO certification system and for compliance with the requirements of the international ISO 9001: 2008 standard in the TUV SUD system. According to these certificates, the company created controlled conditions for the production of high quality products.      Dnepropetrovsk switch plant - an affiliated enterprise to the Organization for Cooperation of Railways, a member of the Interstate Technical Committee No. 524 Railway Transport, a member of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a member of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, a member of the Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers and Carriers casters of Ukraine.       The trade mark of PJSC “Dnepropetrovsk switch plant” is the winner of many regional and national competitions.       The production of the plant is realized on the domestic market of Ukraine, in the CIS countries, successfully operated by the railway companies of the Baltic States, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Syria, Mongolia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Guinea, Bulgaria, India, North Korea.      The number of staff is 770 specialists of different professions. More than 70% of employees have higher and secondary special education. Wages remain stable among the factories of transport engineering in the region. The average monthly salary for seven months of 2016 is 7730 UAH.      The experience gained by designers, engineers, workers in the process of direct participation of the plant in the implementation of the Sectoral Program of the State Enterprise UZ on the introduction of high-speed passenger trains, the equipment of production by modern high-tech equipment and the latest technologies have become the decisive factors that allowed the plant to effectively overcome the difficulties caused by the crisis period, in in particular, when applications from the UZ to the artillery production were virtually ceased and the plant was forced to Seek new marketing opportunities.      In order to save the labor collective in the conditions of the crisis, the factory workers decided to reorient their marketing activities to the markets of the far abroad, to expand the possibilities of the enterprise by increasing the range of products. As a result, stable cooperation with the railway companies of Turkey and Iran was established. In 2013, production was started and delivery of street products for tramways to the cities of Ukraine was started. After the commissioning of the mechanized molding line IMF, the production of replaceable equipment for the high-mercury steel mining industry was set up.      Thus, from the crisis period the plant came out with an enterprise with more powerful production and technical potential, with a stronger market position.      The plant celebrates its 100th anniversary, having overcome a difficult period of crisis. The labor collective again feels itself in the habitual atmosphere of labor activity, when high production volumes are being mastered, products are actively sold, the enterprise is being modernized and developing.      In decisive terms, this was facilitated by orders for factory products received from UZ in 2016. As a result of the successful implementation of these applications, the volume of output of commodity output in the first half of 2016 in relation to the first half of 2015 (in comparable prices as of January 1, 2016) amounted to 332.9%. In the structure of shipped goods for the first half of 2016, the share of UZ was 53.5%, industrial enterprises - 12.8%, and export products - 33.7%.      Compared to the crisis years, the results are significant. But the labor collective has experience, when about 80% of the output produced by the factory was sent to the UZ, while mainly new or upgraded. This fact suggests that the potential of the plant, as the main supplier of artillery products for ultrasound, is still far from being exhausted.      Unloaded production capacities, its production and technical potential the plant persistently uses in other markets. Cooperation with railway companies of Turkey, Iran, Spain is actively developing, and negotiations are ongoing on deliveries of products to other railway companies in European countries. Improving the quality of street products for tram tracks.      The modernization of the steelmaking shop for carbon casting is planned, which is planned to be implemented in two stages. First, it is planned to replace the preparation machine, then replace the molding equipment. Work is under way to reduce the environmental impact of the company's activities on the environment. At present, with the aim of reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere and reducing the level of pollution of the air basin to European norms, the modernization of dust and gas cleaning equipment in the first and second steelmaking workshops has been started. Work is under way to introduce a system of lean production.      The prospect of its further development, the plant still sees in close cooperation with the UZ, currently developing the next stage of the Sectoral Development Program. Proceeding from the fact that within the framework of this program, the question of the transition of Ukrainian railways from the rails of the type P50 and R65 to the railways of the European profile of type 60E1 is discussed, the labor collective of the Dnipropetrovsk Circular Plant declares its full readiness to execute the applications for the development and production of modern European bullet output for ultrasound This confidence is based on a hundred-year-old manufacturing experience of the company's collective.


The 14th meeting of the International Association "METRO"

November 28, 2013 The 14th meeting of the International Association METRO was held at PJSC “DNIPROPETROVSK RAILWAY SWITCH PLANT”. Specialists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tbilisi, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Baku, Minsk took part in the meeting. At the meeting, issues of rail wear resistance and switch products, ways of increasing their life-time were discussed, as well as participants exchanged information on the creation of new structures of the track structure. The management of PJSC “DNEPROPETROVSK RAILWAY SWITCH PLANT” expresses gratitude to all participants from metros side and organizators of the meeting from the International Association “Metro”. The report of the St. Petersburg metro The report of the Dnepropetrovsk switch plant The report of Kiev subway The report of Moscow subway


Writing the name of the Company since 04.12.2012

“In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine №. 368/5 of March 5, 2012, the spelling of the name of the Company since April 12, 2012: in Ukrainian full: ПУБЛІЧНЕ АКЦІОНЕРНЕ ТОВАРИСТВО «ДНІПРОПЕТРОВСЬКИЙ СТРІЛОЧНИЙ ЗАВОД»(сокращенное :ПАТ «ДнСЗ»), in Russian full: ПУБЛИЧНОЕ АКЦИОНЕРНОЕ ОБЩЕСТВО «ДНЕПРОПЕТРОВСКИЙ СТРЕЛОЧНЫЙ ЗАВОД» (сокращенное: ПАО «ДнСЗ»), in English full: PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "DNIPROPETROVS`KY STRILOTCHNY ZAVOD" (abbreviated: PJSC "DnSZ").