The exhibition of chrysanthemums

In October a friendly DnSZ team of 200 people decided to enjoy nature and went to the exhibition of chrysanthemums in Kharkov, Feldman eco-park. Beautiful weather, wonderful flower arrangements, happy faces of our employees and their families members — what could be better!        


How JSC “DnSZ” has celebrated Children’s Day!

On 01.06.2019 a festival for children and grandchildren of our employees was held at the resort “Lesnaya skazka”, Obuhovka! Animators were playing with children, making chemical shows, soap and holding competitions while parents had a quest to get all the ingredients for dishes they cooked after for a lunch. The festival ended cheerfully with a dancing battle “children against parents” and sweet presents! 


Switch and Rail Commission Session (May 29-30, 2019)

On May 29-30, 2019 switch and rail commission session was held at JSC “DnSZ”. The switch commission summarized results of the works stated in protocol of 2018 and discussed questions for the next period: designing of turnout projects gauge 1435 mm and pieces with combined gauge 1520/1435 mm; designing of curved turnouts R 900 m and 1200 m; manufacturing of the turnout R65 type 1/11 gauge 1520 mm project 940 with increased wear resistance; designing of flat concrete sleepers for turnouts; life-circle prolongation of the turnouts’ parts by building up.   The rail commission discussed: increasing of maintenance period of the rails; effectiveness of lubricating devices; analysis of the maintenance of the testing models of rails and rail fastenings; plans for modernization of the production power of PJSC "AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS”   The productive atmosphere made the session effective and interesting. All the details were discussed in a businesslike way; however, there were some significant remarks to the mentioned-above questions.  



In foundry № 1, hardening complex on the basis of the gas furnace «ТермоГаз НО 90.30.9 / 1150-НRс-И4» with an automated control system produced by “Kerammash” PJSC has been implemented. In order to expand export, improve the quality of products and eliminate the human factor on the hardening process of high-manganese steel, it was decided to install a hardening complex in foundry № 1. It allows making hardening of castings more than 9 m in length and responds all European technical standards (heating conditions, time reduction for heating-cooling transit of the casting, total absence of human factor). Thanks to the well-organized and hard teamwork of the staff of Chief Metallurgist Department and Foundry № 1, the work is carried out ahead of schedule (the deadline was April 30, 2019).